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Seventh year Slytherin. Yeah, I'm muggleborn, how about you fuck off?

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A N D R E W H O U G H T O N ;

B E F O R E ;

Andrew was born to a lovely duo, a mother named Ashley Houghton and a father named Michael Houghton. The two had been together for a long time, nearly seven years by the time they had Andrew. It was soon after his birth that they decided it was time to settle down together and get married. Their engagement lasted another two years, however, as they kept postponing their wedding in favor of vacations to Ireland and trips to Germany. The Houghtons were huge travelers and that didn’t change, even after they married and had another son born three years after Andrew. They named their youngest son William, and it was soon after Will’s birth that strange things began to happen to Andrew. Things would levitate around him, he would suddenly no longer be in his crib and would instead be playing on the floor. His parents never really noticed these things as they were very busy with William and planning their next travel spot, but by the time Andrew reached school age, they decided it was time to finally settle down in one spot. They chose Brighton, England and were quite pleased with their choice, and it was here that they finally started to notice the strange things that went on with Andrew. It wasn’t a daily thing, but it became more and more common as the years went by, and by the time he was ten years old, his parents were outright concerned. They wondered if any of the so-called ‘curses’ they had put upon them on their excursions were true, but their questions were answered when a letter arrived in the mail for Andrew. Of course, his parents didn’t believe the letter about a magical school, but when a teacher arrived that proved that magic was real, it was accepted that Andrew was a wizard and he’d be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

H O G W A R T S ;

The first few months leading up to his first year at Hogwarts was terrifying for Andrew. Though he was like his parents in his thirst for adventure, he was afraid to go on an adventure without his parents or brother for the first time in his life. He didn’t really understand why William couldn’t come with him, or why he was different from his parents, but he boarded the train to Hogwarts anyway and went on his way.

While on the train, Andrew was making an effort to make new friends. He was an outgoing person and this new environment wouldn’t change him, and he easily met a few first years on his train ride to the new school. He doesn’t recall many of those first years aside from two; one being his current best friend, a red head named Maggie, and one being Brady, his long time crush who barely knew who he was for the first few years of his education.

Upon arriving at the castle that would be his new home for the year, Andrew immediately felt the urge to wander off. Before he could wander away from the group of first years, however, the same teacher that had visited his home over the summer came up to him and stopped him, keeping him with the group. His name was called for the Sorting Hat and he was put into Slytherin, and to his relief, the red head he had met on the train was also put into Slytherin. Sadly, the cute boy named Brady that he had met was put into Hufflepuff, and Brady soon disappeared from his mind as he melted into his new home with his fellow snakes.

Andrew’s arrogance and hot-headedness caught up to him in his first year and he was often in confrontations with Gryffindors, but luckily for him, Slytherins are protective of their own and he made a friend in several fifth years who made sure to watch out for him and his attitude.

Andrew officially came out to his schoolmates in the third year when he was fourteen, and after a week where almost everyone who said anything even slightly negative about Andrew was hexed into the hospital wing (thanks to overprotective Slytherins), Andrew found that nothing really changed for him other than the fact that guys started to hit on him, which he really, really enjoys.

S C H O O L I N G ;

Although he had never before touched a broom in his life, let alone flown, Andrew was one of the best in his first year flying class. He took to it like a natural, although he had no interest in joining the Slytherin quidditch team as it was suggested by some of the older members. He simply had no interest in the sport, preferring sports from back home, such as rugby.

Like many Slytherins, Andrew does extremely well in Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts. He’s also fond of Charms and Transfiguration. He excelled in Apparition and took Muggle Studies for an ‘Easy A’ and did horribly in Care of Magical Creatures, although he did enjoy the subject. He’s a decent student, but he doesn’t try as hard as he should; he prefers to slack off and is more likely to be playing footie or rugby with his friends rather than studying.

E X T R A C U R R I C U L A R S ;

Andrew loves his Muggle Music club, which he joined when he returned for his fourth year after having learned to play the guitar over summer. He also is in the rugby and football clubs, which he helped to start in his fourth year for those who are interested in Muggle sports. Both clubs welcome members in their fourth year and up, and put together one big group made up of all house members. Since it’s creation four years ago, both groups have grown considerably; the rugby club now has forty members, while the football club has around thirty. They regularly have scrimmages, although Andrew is searching for a way to play teams from other schools as well.

F A M I L Y ;

Andrew is not as close to his parents as he once was, and he and his brother struggle to remain on friendly terms. At first, Andrew thought that William disliked him because he was gay, but Drew soon learned that Will only disliked him because he was magic and ‘so much cooler than Will’. He hopes that with this being his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, he will be able to regain the closeness he once had with his family.

F A C T S ;

Born May 31, 1997 (17).
Andrew James Houghton.
Drew, AJ, Andy.
Fairly Bendy, 10 Inches, Aspen Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core. 
Has lower left lip pierced and left eyebrow pierced.